WTFAWW 8A: Drowning in a Hot Tub

In this episode:

3 Boys. 3 Movies. One Victor. And that’s not even one of their names.
This week we expand our selection criteria to include “anything you can (legally) find on the Internet!” Care to see what we dredged up from the Deep Webs? Besides Anti-Liam, that is.

Stick around for Tim Allen Robbins, Surely Temple, flubs galore, the most enthusiastic Movie Roundup yet, and a host of fresh new insults. We love you, you poor, unfortunate, st-

**Spoiler Alert** Pitches: Blue is the Warmest Color, Odd Thomas, Dungeons and Dragons
Intro/Outro: “Thrift Shop (Remix)” by Rakohus, part of The Sprite Album. Get it at
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Movies 2

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