The Cast


 How it Works

We watch movies on Netflix we’ve never heard of, and most likely made us say “Uh, WTF is this?”

Episode Parts 1  are pitches, in which we pitch to Mitch (and Chris and Liam and Logan) movies we’ve found in the deep. At the end we vote on one movie to watch for next time.

Episode Parts 2 are for review and discussion and/or commiseration regarding said flick. Brief summary, followed by individual reviews including highlights, lowlights, and WTF moments, and closing out with a recast and simple Watch/DON’T WATCH rating.*

*Well, simple for normal people…but then again, you’re not really normal, are you listener?

2 weeks between episodes.

Talk to us! Suggestions/comments/concerns/general life inquiries can be posted via our contact page above. We’re just getting our feet wet so let us know what you think! We might even listen.


Your Intrepid Flixplorers

CHRIS (middle back) is good people. He continues on his quest to introduce “Hakuna Matata” into your everyday vocabulary.

  • Current Game: Destiny
  • Current Show: Kuromukuro

LIAM (left back) is torn between pursuing his search for the perfect burger and his desire to make the best dad joke. You could say he’s in a bit of a pickle.

  • Current Game: Uncharted 4
  • Current Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6.

LOGAN (right back) is especially interested in cartoons, music, and friendship. Logan is based in Maine, a state famous for naming its cities after other countries.

  • Current Game: Undertale, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
  • Current Show: Black Lagoon Season 1, Black Mirror Season 2, Lady Dynamite

MITCH (front scared) writes and eats, with much in between. Like whatever the f*** this is.

  • Current Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (while waiting impatiently for Mass Effect: Andromeda)
  • Current Show: Taboo