WTFAWW 3B: A Small Can of Pringles (Bounty Killer)

We’re back! And we’re not dinosaurs. Due to the aforementioned rogue AI, computer-eating canine, and technical difficulties, it’s been a while. Yo oops. But guess what: next episode is out Thursday, so keep your socks on. We ain’t goin’ nowhere.

WTFAWW E3P2: A Small Can of Pringles (Bounty Killer)

In this episode:
We return from our impromptu break with the controversial “Bounty Killer.” Well, controversial to us. It’s big, it’s bad, and best enjoyed with a beef taco. Stick around for double-axe double kills, playful banter, BIG REVEALS, PBR, more playful banter, MORE BIG REVEALS, and a man cut deep…twice.

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“Journey to Mars” by Jan Teri, JTrecords
“Bounty Killer” is a Just Chorizo Productions and Kickstart Productions film

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