WTFAWW 1A Pitches, Pls & 1B Escape from Escape from Tomorrow

In our inaugural episode:
Meet the cast! Sort of. Introductions are more or less (less) in order, and we jump right into pitching our first round of movies. Stick around for America’s most beloved vampires, Tomorrowland, and bird religion. What have we disturbed in the darkness of Netflix?**skip to 2:15 if you don’t care about intros**

In this episode:
We untangle the humongous hairball of plot that is Escape from Tomorrow. For the second time. We’ll explain.
Stick around for demon children, surprise robots, singing French girls, turkey legs, cat flu, giant testies, and (literally) so. much. more. **skip to 1:27 if you’re anti-intro**

What The F*** Are We Watching?
is an intrepid new podcast following the journey of Chris(topher Columbus), Logan (International Airman), and Mitch (Pls) as they hurl themselves into the streaming abyss in an exploration of the great unknown. Who knows what lurks beneath the new releases?
Expect lots of the bad, plenty of the ugly, and once in a high blue moon, something…good?

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Bookended by Jan Terri’s “Journey to Mars,” off the album ‘High Risk.’ Rights held by Jtrecords.

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